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December Rush

Custom Made Women's Suits & Shirts

About December Rush Women

December Rush provides custom made women's suits and shirts at an affordable price range. We are based in Melbourne. Like Us on Facebook to find out more available styles

At December Rush, we focus on making women's business suits, work suits as well as wedding suits and women's tuxedos. Our staff have extensive experience in fitting and styling for women. With the experience of fitting hundreds of female clients with different body shapes and sizes, We understand what women look for when it comes to women's business wear and formal wear.
Our service is professional yet personalised. We make sure our fitting service is comfortable and informative. We only meet one client at a time and respect your privacy. Whether you are petite, plus size, extremely curvy, or simply have trouble of finding a suit that fit your shoulder, bust, waist and also has the style you wanted. December Rush understands every woman.

Why Choose December Rush Standard Made to Measure Service?

Detailed fitting service

Our Standard fitting service takes about 40 to 60 minutes if not more for every December Rush Suit. We ensure that every single detail of your garment is covered and explained properly to address all your concerns and to have your precise measurements. Our fitting service is Only Charged On Your First Order.

Free alteration service

At December Rush, we make Business Suits, Tuxedos and Shirts that you will wear comfortably and confidently. We provide free alterations on our custom made suits and shirts to achieve the best fitting for our clients. We appreciate your trust and we are here to offer you our real value service. Conditions Apply*

Every Style is Possible

December Rush Tailored Suits and Shirts offers a wide range of designs. We make women's business suits, tuxedos, shirts, waistcoat, suit pants and skirts. Whether it is a basic 2 piece business suit or a fully custom designed tuxedo. At December Rush, every style is possible. Email us for more detail.

Women's Suits Sytle Guide

Below are 2 of our most popular women's business suit styles. Click for Product Demo Sample suits and more designs are available in our fitting studio. More pictures are available on our Facebook.
ladies suits melbourne

Ladies Suits Basic Style#1

Starts from $979 per 2 piece (Jacket and skirt)

Female 2 Button Suit Jacket
 women's suits

Lady Suit Basic Style #1

Starts from $979 per 2 piece (Jacket and skirt)

With Hand-Stitching feature
Hand-stitching is optional. This sample is available on display. 1 button jacket is also available on the same style. Can order 3 piece suit (a jacket a skirt and a pair of pants)
 women's Suits

Women's Suits Basic Style #1

Starts from $1099 per 2 piece (Jacket and a pair of Pants)

Peak Lapel With Hand-stitching
ladies suits melbourne

Ladies Suits Style#2

Starts from $979 per 2 piece (Jacket and skirt)

Female 2 Button Suit jacket
 women's suits

Women's Suits Style#2

Starts from $979 per 2 piece (Jacket and skirt)

Can add Hand-Stitching
This sample is available on display. 1 button jacket is also available on the same style. Can order 3 piece suit (a jacket a skirt and a pair of pants)
 women's Suits

Women's Suits Style#2

Starts from $1099 per 2 piece (Jacket and a pair of pants)

Classic Notched Lapel

What people say?:

Trying to buy my first business suit, I felt absolutely reassured by Giselle’s careful attention to detail – both in measuring me up and making sure I was happy with all aspects of the design. She listened to my explanation of what I wanted, but also provided advice that prevented me from making wrong decisions. The suit is a delight to wear.

Katya, Melbourne.

What people say?:

I needed a female tuxedo made for my brothers wedding. Giselle did an amazing job with my suit. She spent quality time to ensure all my measurements were correct. She displayed excellent attention to detail, and provided all the right advice around fabric and was extremely knowledgeable around styles and cuts. Thanks!

Ashlee, Melbourne.

What people say?:

I’d highly recommend Giselle and the December Rush service to anyone looking to get a suit made. She’s very passionate about producing high-quality suits and making sure her customers get exactly what they want with exacting attention to detail. I wanted something quite specific and she did a great job of explaining how it would work, what limitations we’d face, and which options would suit my particular body shape better than others. I really appreciated the professional, comprehensive approach she has to making sure I get the best possible result and it really is the best possible result! I’ve gotten many compliments on my suit to date and I’m really happy with it. When I need another tailored garment made I’d definitely come back to December Rush again.

Zen Y, Melbourne.

What people say?:

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Our women's suits and shirts are priced mainly based on the types of fabric, body sizes and body shapes. Extra charges apply to extra large sizes and difficult body shapes.
Women's Suits
  • 3 Piece Suit $1199 A Jacket, A Pair of Pants and A Skirt
  • Skirt Per Piece $349
  • Pants Per Pair $429
    Jacket Per Piece $779
  • $999 Per 2 Piece For A Jacket and A Pair of Pants
  • $300 service fee on first Suit Only
Starts from $979
Essential Pure Wool
Women's Tuxedos
  • 3 Piece Suit $1699 A Jacket, A Pair of Pants and A Waistcoat
  • Waistcoat Per Piece $599
  • Pants Per Pair $450
    Tuxedo Jacket Per Piece $879
  • $1299 Per 2 Piece For A Tuxedo Jacket and A Pair of Pants
  • $300 service fee on first Suit Only
Starts from $1299
100% Wool/all other material
Women's Shirts
  • 8 x 100% Cotton Shirts for $1499
  • 4 x 100% Cotton Shirts for $749
  • Premium Cotton starts from $379 Per Shirt
  • $150 service fee on first shirt Only
Starts from $199
100% Cotton Per Shirt


Please follow our standard 3 step service process for any made-to-measure garment. We will give you a quote based on the type of fabric you selected, followed by the fitting service. We provide all kinds of made to measure tailoring service such as; Shirts, Trousers, Dinner Suits, Skirts, Tuxedos, Blazers, Jackets, and Waistcoats.

1. Booking In For A Fitting
Email us to schedule a fitting service, along with any other enquiries you have for us.
2. Fabric and Style Selection
Come to our office to proceed to your fitting appointment. We currently carry more than 250 suiting fabric samples with all the popular colors, patterns and styles for you to choose from. We will also guide you to select the most suitable fabric for you. Last, we will take your measurements.
3. Collect Your Suit
It normally takes about 4 to 6 weeks to have your suits or shirts custom made. *Please note our current turnaround time is affected by Covid19. Once your made to measure suits or shirts are ready, we will then contact you to pick up the suit. You will have the chance the try the suit on and if you would like to make further adjustments, you will enjoy our Free or Discounted alteration service. Normally we only charge a small fee comparing to other alteration services. Such as $30 for jacket waist adjustments. Conditons Apply*
Fine Print--Must Read
  • *The fitting service takes about 40-60 minutes. Please allow extra time for discussion. It's strongly advised that you dress in your best fit shirts, pants and matched shoes for this fitting.
  • *We have a wide range of fabrics. You will find the piece of fabric that suits your taste and your budget. As we mentioned, we love to provide great choice and value to our customers. We mainly carry 2 types of fabrics: Wool Blend and Pure Wool.
  • *For your convenience, any time from 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday can be booked for a fitting.
  • *Normally it takes about 4 to 6 weeks, your made-to-measure suits or shirts will be ready for your fitting. Once they are ready, we will then contact you for pick up.
  • *For the first fitting appointment, $100 must be paid in CASH once an agreed fitting service has taken place (No charge for consultations), it will be included in the total payment. A half payment is then required for the confirmation of the order. Cash, online bank transfer and Credit cards are accepted. Please note:orders will be processed immediately once the payment is cleared. The other half payment must be paid prior to the final fitting. Cancellation of a fitting service requires 24 hour notice prior to the appointed time.


Whether it is a classic white shirt or a stylish purple herringbone, you will have the guarantee from us for a perfect-fit business shirt.

From white, blue, pink herringbone, classic checks, stripes, solid blue, purple, pink to elegant navy satin stripes, we offer a great range of fabrics for you to choose from.
What can be customized for A Ladies shirt? We are not just talking about your individual measurements. You will be able to select your desired collar design, cuff style, pockets and fitting styles. The measuring service for custom made shirts takes about 45 minutes.

Your statement in 3 piece suit or a tuxedo.

Giselle, December Rush.
We offer our standard MTM service to clients who are looking to purchase tuxedos and 3 piece suit. You can of course choose our premium tailoring service for a better finishing result, however if you are on a budget, our Standard MTM tuxedos starts from $1299 per 2 piece, plus $300 service fee.
A 3 piece suit for your wedding or attending one? A two piece black tuxedo for any special occasions? At December Rush we custom make suits in various styles and designs. From a range of quality fabrics, you will have your premium quality wedding suits custom made. We simply understand your desires.
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