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Regardless if you are in your early 20s or late 60s, we make suits that fit your body and suit your taste.

For our premium custom tailoring service, each item is custom made according to clients' individual measurements. We typically spend 1 hour and more to take over 30 body measurements for each suit to ensure a great fit. Also from extensive communication and discussion with clients to find out their preference of each part of the suit. We provide a second fitting in between the initial measuring and the final fitting to show clients what they are expecting in terms of the style and the fit. Yes, we make a whole suit for clients to try on and to show what the finished suits look like. As we do not wish to compromise the finish products.
We use a different piece of fabric to make this suit and clients can also pick a fabric after this second fitting service. This service starts from $2000 per 2 piece suit, $2500 per 2 piece tuxedo. It takes 8-12 weeks, depending on individual orders. Please allow sufficient time for this service. Wedding orders generally takes about 12 weeks. We take $1000 or half of the quoted price as a deposit for this service which is nonrefundable. Clients however can cancel the rest of the tailoring service after the second fitting without making the rest of the payment. You are encouraged to book in for a free consultation before booking.

Why Choose Our Premium Tailoring Service?

Precise measuring service

Our fitting service takes about 60 minutes if not more for every December Rush Suit. We ensure that every single detail of your garment is covered and explained properly to address all your concerns and to have your precise measurements. Our fitting service is only charge on your first order.

Free alteration service

At December Rush, we make Business Suits, Tuxedos and Shirts that you will wear comfortably and confidently. We provide free alterations to all Premium tailoring suits and shirts orders to achieve the best fitting for our clients. We appreciate your trust and we are here to offer you the real value.

Every Style is Possible

December Rush Tailored Suits and Shirts offers a wide range of designs. We make business suits, tuxedos, shirts, waistcoat, suit pants and overcoats. Whether it is a basic 2 piece business suit or a fully custom designed tuxedo. At December Rush, every style is possible. Email us for more detail.