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Work process

Please follow our standard 3 step service process for any made-to-measure garment. We will give you a quote based on the type of fabric you selected, followed by the fitting service. We provide all kinds of made to measure tailoring service such as; Shirts, Trousers, Dinner Suits, Skirts, Tuxedos, Blazers, Jackets, and Waistcoats.

1. Booking In For A Fitting
Email us to schedule a 30mins fitting service, along with any other enquiries you have for us.
2. Fabric and Style Selection
Come to our office to proceed to your fitting appointment. We currently carry more than 250 suiting fabric samples with all the popular colors, patterns and styles for you to choose from. We will also guide you to help select the most suitable fabric for you. After selecting the fabric, you will try on our sample suits and find the best fit, then request to make any adjustments to your prefered fitting.
3. Collect Your Suit
It normally takes about 4 to 5 weeks to have your suits or shirts custom made. Once your made to measure suits or shirts are ready, we will then contact you to pick up the suit. You will have the chance the try the suit on and if you would like to make further adjustments, you will enjoy our discounted alteration service. Normally we only charge a small fee comparing to other alteration services. Such as $30 for jacket waist adjustments.
Fine Print--Must Read
  • *The fitting service takes about 30 to 40 minutes. Please allow extra time for discussion. It's strongly advised that you dress in your best fit shirts, pants and matched shoes for this fitting.
  • *We have a wide range of fabrics. You will find the piece of fabric that suits your taste and your budget. As we mentioned, we love to provide great choice and value to our customers. We mainly carry 2 types of fabrics: Wool Blend and Pure Wool.
  • *For your convenience, any time from 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday can be booked for a fitting.
  • *Normally it takes about 4 to 6 weeks, your made-to-measure suits or shirts will be ready for your fitting. Once they are ready, we will then contact you for pick up.
  • *Once the fitting service has taken place, a full payment will be expected. Cash, online bank transfer and PayPal(3% charge apply paying by credit card) are accepted . Please note: the order will be processed immediately after the payment is cleared. Cancellation of a fitting service requires 24 hour notice prior to the appointed time.
  • *The fitting service is $60 per session, if without placing orders.
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Why Choose December Rush Standard Made to Measure Service?

Effective fitting service

Our standard MTM service takes about 30 minutes for clients to try on our special sample sizes which represents a range of the most typical womens' body shapes in Australia. We will help you to find the best fitting suit for you, then you can request to make any changes of the tried on suit to achieve your perfect fitting suit. Such as smaller waist, longer sleeves etc.

Discounted alteration service

With December Rush standard MTM service, clients have the opportunity to enjoy our discounted alteration service when they would like to do small adjustments once the suits are made. We only charge a small fee comparing to other alteration services. Such as $30 for suit jacket waist alteration.

Best value for money

December Rush Standard MTM service provides the best value for your budget when you cannot find a good fit from the standard sizes. It offers more value by providing a free 30mins fitting service which allows you to feel the fitting of the suit and anticipate the finished results, also make any adjustments to your liking.